Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year 2009!

~*~*~*Happy New Year*~*~*~
"I raise my glass to day to come, and give all my love to long ago!"

Well, it is New Years Eve here along west coast and the sun has long set over the horizon for the last time in 2008. The stars are out in the sky, shimmering and welcoming 2009 in all their twinkling splendor. So, step outside, gaze heavenwards, pick a star, and make a wish for all that your heart desires in the coming year. I wish for you all that I wish for my lovely family and closest freinds: Peace on Earth, goodwill towards every human being, health, happiness, love, and all around good times with all your loved ones.

Stay safe, and stay awesome!

Hoping that you all have a prosperous and joyous 2009,
Ms. Me =) ♥

PS: I did this "end of the year" survey over on myspace, so, I thought I'd post it here on my New Year's day post... you get to know me a little better =)

In 2008 did you......

1-Did you kiss anyone?

2- Did you date anyone?
No, not really.

3-Are you going to kiss someone when the peach drops on new years?
Peach?? Where the F did this survey come from!? Georgia? But in answer to your question-- when the BALL drops on New Years Day, yes, but not in the sense that you traditionally think of. I'm spending it with family, so yeah. If I don't... well, we'll talk, LOL =)

4-Did you lose a b/f or g/f?

5-Did you gain a b/f or g/f?
Nope =(

6-Did you do something new?
Yeah, probably.. though I can't remember anything specific right now. Although, I started a blog, does that count? Does it count that I fell into that bandwagon? LOL: sheck it out: http://tv-as-i-see-it. blogspot. com ( I love to selfishly self promote, haha!) (Blogger's note: Haha, now my blog has a mention of my blog in it! It's like
Hamlet! A blog within a blog! Super!)

8-Did you change?
Yeah, in certain ways, I think I did.

9-Are you happy with the year over all?
Yes... Yes, I am, especially the latter part of it, I think.

10-Whats the best thing that happened to you this year?
Most definitely, I think this has to be graduating from university! In four years! Especially after thinking and fretting those last few days when I sincerely didn't think that it was going to happen. But yeah, I think that was the highlight of my year! That, and getting a grown up job not to long afterwards! =) Yay Me!

11-Did you fall in or out of love? or still love someone?
I still love my family, and I always will =)

12-Are you happy the year is almost over?
I wouldn't say happy. Sad to see it go, but looking forward to the next.
Hoping that it can only get better! =) As one of my personal favorite, self edited, quote says: "I raise my glass to day to come, and give all my love to long ago!" =)

13-Are you going to change something about yourself next year?
Yeah, probably. I'm going to will my self to work out on a regular basis, get a better hair style, become more confident and independent. Have good times, you know, that sorta good thing =) I also want to finally learn to play an instrument! =) I blame Hugh Laurie for this! (Blogger's Note: If you're looking for the TV relevency of this post, well, there ya go!)

14-Do you think 2009 will be a better year then 2008?
Hope so. Upwards on onwards, right? =)

20-Did you go on a summer vacation?
No. Well... unless you count moving back to Los Angeles from Santa Barbara during the summer a summer vacation... although, In reality, that's just more of an extended staycation, now isn't it?

21-Did you lie to your parents?
Who doesn't?

22-Did you get into a fight?

23-Did you leave the country?
No =( ::sulks:: Soooooooo should have gone on that Europe trip! Rats and Stars!

24- Did you have a good birthday?
Yeah, I had a good time. Birthdays are always fun, I guess. Though, if memory serves, it was cold and I was a wee bit sick... still good, though! =)

25-Did anyone in your family get married?

26-Do you think you grew?
Taller? Probably not. In other senses, yeah, probably.

27-Did you dye your hair?

28-Who do you think you were on the phone with the most?
I don't know.

29-Did anyone sing to you?
Yeah, I think

30-Did you sing to anyone?
Yeah, probably

31-Did anyone tell you they loved you?

32-Did you tell anyone you loved them?
Of course

33-What did you drink and eat the most?
God, who knows... junk /fast food. Though it being Christmas time right now, all I can think of are tamales! LOL =) Or Posole for New Years Eve! LOL =)

34-Did you change your top friends at least 8 times?
Nope, I never really change them at all.

35-Did you change your profile over 10 times?
Nah, probably just once or twice... the writing on my MySpace is ages old! Pictures and music get updated tho, once in a great while.

36-Did you change your default at least 20 times?
Picture? No... I think it was like 3 pictures total that were in rotation, LOL

37-Did you get a tattoo?
No, not this year, not in any past year, most likely not in any year!

38-Did you vote?
No. I wasn't informed enough to make a weighted and fair decision. I'm tired of all the vote talk. I'm sick and tired of all these people talking about Obama like he's a freggin' savior!.The man hasn't done anything yet! Chill it! And don't even get me started of that word "historic" that they keep throwing around like its... well, I don't know, something you throw. It can't be historic if you can't look back on it yet! And everyone who says that this country has "grown" and "advanced" because we elected and African American to be our president... well, you can't really call it growing and advancing if you still single it out as a great thing that we did. You can only call it overlooking race, if you actually overlook it and not mention it every chance you get. A man is a man, not a race or a color; the only one true race is Human and the only color we should be concerned with is the red life that flows through every man, woman and child. There... rant over.
LOL =)

39-Are you going to make a new years resolution?
Yes! Same one most people are probably going to make: Get in better shape! And like I said, try to learn to play an instrument.

40-Did you stick to your new years resolution from last year?
LOL, I don't even remember if I made one! =)

41-Do you think you will date anyone this year?
Hope so! ::is cautiously optimistic:: =D

42-Where will you be when the ball drops?
I don't know yet! Probably at home with the family =D

43-Do you think you will make new friends in 2009?
I hope so.

44-Are you hoping to meet someone special in 2009?
Again... I hope so =)

45-How do you feel, another year has passed you by?
I'm old. LOL! I'm a little off track on the parade of life from where I'd like to be, but I'm still in the festivities, and giving it my all, so all is well! =)

46. Best friends?

47: Lost any friends?
I wouldn't say lost... but, lost contact with, or rarely speak with, yeah.

48: Gained any friends?
No... don't think so.

49: Moved?
Like I said before. Sorta... I moved from school life, back to the home town.

50: school?
::dusts hands off and smiles:: All done and over with! ::does a happy dance:::

51: Have you changed?
A bit.

52: New look?
No, not really.

53: Most depressed time this year?
Me? No, not really. (this question is a bit confusing in its phrasing...)

54: Favorite season?
Funny you should ask. I was just thinking the other day... as I freeze.. that during Summer, I say that Winter is my favorite season, but when Winter roles around, Summer is my favorite. So, I guess it's a tie between the two, lol.

55: Least favorite season:
Hmmm.... don't really have a least one... Spring? Mostly cuz here I think this season is a bit non existent.

56: Got arrested?
Ha! No.

57: Kissed a girl?

58: Had a crush?
Oh, yeah! ::thinks back:: Dayum, =) LOL

59: Lost a family member?
No, thank God. ::knocks on wood::

Happy New Year!

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