Sunday, September 20, 2009

10 Random Emmy Award Thoughs...

...Because, yes, I am that much of a TV Geek! =)

Okay, okay, before we go any further... Yes, I know that I have been madly ignoring this blog. And yes, by "madly" I mean... MAAAADLY!

Hehe. Okay, ::ahem::

Sorry. No, really I mean it, I am sorry. Sorry. Stuff and life has kept getting in the way of this blogs updatetation. But, alas, a lot of that "stuff" has pretty much just been me being the procrastinating person that I am coupled with the fact that I had a certain anal plan on how I wanted subsequent blog posts to go here. Since my last post, which was "Doctor Who" related ended in a certain TV cliffhanger-y way, I wanted the next couple of post to also be "Doctor Who" related... and when that didn't happen, I somehow couldn't get away from that anal plot line idea, and thus, didn't update. But, now, I figured that I should stop being that ridiculous about it, especially since no one actually reads this damn thing... but yeah... where was I?

Oh, yeah! The 2009 Primetime Emmy's! They're today! Just in a couple of hours! Like I said, I am that much of a TV Geek to actually be looking forward to this! Hehe. So, seeing as how it's TVs most important night, I figured I should get back on ball and update this here TV blog! No better night to do that, right!

So, in no particular and thus random order and without further ado ... Enjoy!

10 Random Emmy Award Thoughts...

1. I hope Jim Parsons (From: "The Big Bang Theory") wins for Outstanding Male Actor in a Comedy Series. Enough with the "30 Rock"/"The Office" repetitiveness crap.

2. I also REALLY hope that Hugh Laurie (From: "House, MD") wins for Outstanding Actor in a Drama Series. Sadly, he will most likely lose to Jon Hamm (From: "Mad Men"). Though, wouldn't it be a cool random shocker if Simon Baker (From: "The Mentalist") wins =) Still, Go, Hugh! =P

3. Outstanding Directing for a Drama Series. Better be "ER". Just because "ER" has to win something! It better win something, it's bloody "ER" for crying outloud, and it's the last episode that got nominated, so it'd be nice. Hehe =)

4. Holy Crap! Outstanding Writing in a Drama Series is: "Mad Men," "Mad Men," "Mad Men," "Mad Men," & "Lost." Well, that's just slightly weighted, don't you think. Gee, I wonder who will win? *sarcasm*

5. Outstanding Drama Series: HOUSE!!! Why? Because I'm biased, that's why! =)

6. Haha... "Mother Lover" is nominated for Outstanding Music and Lyrics! Haha... it should so win, just for the LOL factor! =)

7. "Little Dorrit" is nominated for best Miniseries. This is probably the only Masterpiece Classic BBC production that I didn't care enough for to watch. Haha... and it has "Doctor Who" people in it! LOL. Still, it's BBC and part of the Masterpiece family, so I hope it wins!

8. Awwww... "Pushing Daisies" won for Outstanding Costumes for a Series. Too cute! Also won for Outstanding Makeup for a single camera series. I don't know what else (if anything) it was nominated for... but it was stunningly beautiful and visually brilliant! Is there a category for that??? =) ::looks:: Oh, wow, there is!! It's called Outstanding Art Direction For a Single Camera Series! And, yes, "Pushing Daisies" took that award, too! Take that "Mad Men"... ::pause:: ... Oh, no!!! "Bones" was nominated in this category, too! Ugh. Sulks.

9. Late Night w/ Conan O'Brien for Writing in a Variety/Music/Comedy Series. Cuz I love Conan, wether on Late Night or the Tonight Show! Hehe...

10. (I'm running out of thoughts, LOL... umm...) So, will one of the "Grey's Anatomy" girls win for Outstanding Supporting Actresses? Hmm... there's hope, would be cool, too. But they probably will lose to one of the "In Treatment" girls =)

Okay... so that's it! I know I'm the only one who cares about the Emmy's. But I don't care, it's always been that way! LOL... But, as a TV Geek, this is what I do... plus, I'm reeeealy bored right now, and Will Ferrell annoys me on SNL! Hah.

Anyways... Thoughts?