Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year 2009!

~*~*~*Happy New Year*~*~*~
"I raise my glass to day to come, and give all my love to long ago!"

Well, it is New Years Eve here along west coast and the sun has long set over the horizon for the last time in 2008. The stars are out in the sky, shimmering and welcoming 2009 in all their twinkling splendor. So, step outside, gaze heavenwards, pick a star, and make a wish for all that your heart desires in the coming year. I wish for you all that I wish for my lovely family and closest freinds: Peace on Earth, goodwill towards every human being, health, happiness, love, and all around good times with all your loved ones.

Stay safe, and stay awesome!

Hoping that you all have a prosperous and joyous 2009,
Ms. Me =) ♥

PS: I did this "end of the year" survey over on myspace, so, I thought I'd post it here on my New Year's day post... you get to know me a little better =)

In 2008 did you......

1-Did you kiss anyone?

2- Did you date anyone?
No, not really.

3-Are you going to kiss someone when the peach drops on new years?
Peach?? Where the F did this survey come from!? Georgia? But in answer to your question-- when the BALL drops on New Years Day, yes, but not in the sense that you traditionally think of. I'm spending it with family, so yeah. If I don't... well, we'll talk, LOL =)

4-Did you lose a b/f or g/f?

5-Did you gain a b/f or g/f?
Nope =(

6-Did you do something new?
Yeah, probably.. though I can't remember anything specific right now. Although, I started a blog, does that count? Does it count that I fell into that bandwagon? LOL: sheck it out: http://tv-as-i-see-it. blogspot. com ( I love to selfishly self promote, haha!) (Blogger's note: Haha, now my blog has a mention of my blog in it! It's like
Hamlet! A blog within a blog! Super!)

8-Did you change?
Yeah, in certain ways, I think I did.

9-Are you happy with the year over all?
Yes... Yes, I am, especially the latter part of it, I think.

10-Whats the best thing that happened to you this year?
Most definitely, I think this has to be graduating from university! In four years! Especially after thinking and fretting those last few days when I sincerely didn't think that it was going to happen. But yeah, I think that was the highlight of my year! That, and getting a grown up job not to long afterwards! =) Yay Me!

11-Did you fall in or out of love? or still love someone?
I still love my family, and I always will =)

12-Are you happy the year is almost over?
I wouldn't say happy. Sad to see it go, but looking forward to the next.
Hoping that it can only get better! =) As one of my personal favorite, self edited, quote says: "I raise my glass to day to come, and give all my love to long ago!" =)

13-Are you going to change something about yourself next year?
Yeah, probably. I'm going to will my self to work out on a regular basis, get a better hair style, become more confident and independent. Have good times, you know, that sorta good thing =) I also want to finally learn to play an instrument! =) I blame Hugh Laurie for this! (Blogger's Note: If you're looking for the TV relevency of this post, well, there ya go!)

14-Do you think 2009 will be a better year then 2008?
Hope so. Upwards on onwards, right? =)

20-Did you go on a summer vacation?
No. Well... unless you count moving back to Los Angeles from Santa Barbara during the summer a summer vacation... although, In reality, that's just more of an extended staycation, now isn't it?

21-Did you lie to your parents?
Who doesn't?

22-Did you get into a fight?

23-Did you leave the country?
No =( ::sulks:: Soooooooo should have gone on that Europe trip! Rats and Stars!

24- Did you have a good birthday?
Yeah, I had a good time. Birthdays are always fun, I guess. Though, if memory serves, it was cold and I was a wee bit sick... still good, though! =)

25-Did anyone in your family get married?

26-Do you think you grew?
Taller? Probably not. In other senses, yeah, probably.

27-Did you dye your hair?

28-Who do you think you were on the phone with the most?
I don't know.

29-Did anyone sing to you?
Yeah, I think

30-Did you sing to anyone?
Yeah, probably

31-Did anyone tell you they loved you?

32-Did you tell anyone you loved them?
Of course

33-What did you drink and eat the most?
God, who knows... junk /fast food. Though it being Christmas time right now, all I can think of are tamales! LOL =) Or Posole for New Years Eve! LOL =)

34-Did you change your top friends at least 8 times?
Nope, I never really change them at all.

35-Did you change your profile over 10 times?
Nah, probably just once or twice... the writing on my MySpace is ages old! Pictures and music get updated tho, once in a great while.

36-Did you change your default at least 20 times?
Picture? No... I think it was like 3 pictures total that were in rotation, LOL

37-Did you get a tattoo?
No, not this year, not in any past year, most likely not in any year!

38-Did you vote?
No. I wasn't informed enough to make a weighted and fair decision. I'm tired of all the vote talk. I'm sick and tired of all these people talking about Obama like he's a freggin' savior!.The man hasn't done anything yet! Chill it! And don't even get me started of that word "historic" that they keep throwing around like its... well, I don't know, something you throw. It can't be historic if you can't look back on it yet! And everyone who says that this country has "grown" and "advanced" because we elected and African American to be our president... well, you can't really call it growing and advancing if you still single it out as a great thing that we did. You can only call it overlooking race, if you actually overlook it and not mention it every chance you get. A man is a man, not a race or a color; the only one true race is Human and the only color we should be concerned with is the red life that flows through every man, woman and child. There... rant over.
LOL =)

39-Are you going to make a new years resolution?
Yes! Same one most people are probably going to make: Get in better shape! And like I said, try to learn to play an instrument.

40-Did you stick to your new years resolution from last year?
LOL, I don't even remember if I made one! =)

41-Do you think you will date anyone this year?
Hope so! ::is cautiously optimistic:: =D

42-Where will you be when the ball drops?
I don't know yet! Probably at home with the family =D

43-Do you think you will make new friends in 2009?
I hope so.

44-Are you hoping to meet someone special in 2009?
Again... I hope so =)

45-How do you feel, another year has passed you by?
I'm old. LOL! I'm a little off track on the parade of life from where I'd like to be, but I'm still in the festivities, and giving it my all, so all is well! =)

46. Best friends?

47: Lost any friends?
I wouldn't say lost... but, lost contact with, or rarely speak with, yeah.

48: Gained any friends?
No... don't think so.

49: Moved?
Like I said before. Sorta... I moved from school life, back to the home town.

50: school?
::dusts hands off and smiles:: All done and over with! ::does a happy dance:::

51: Have you changed?
A bit.

52: New look?
No, not really.

53: Most depressed time this year?
Me? No, not really. (this question is a bit confusing in its phrasing...)

54: Favorite season?
Funny you should ask. I was just thinking the other day... as I freeze.. that during Summer, I say that Winter is my favorite season, but when Winter roles around, Summer is my favorite. So, I guess it's a tie between the two, lol.

55: Least favorite season:
Hmmm.... don't really have a least one... Spring? Mostly cuz here I think this season is a bit non existent.

56: Got arrested?
Ha! No.

57: Kissed a girl?

58: Had a crush?
Oh, yeah! ::thinks back:: Dayum, =) LOL

59: Lost a family member?
No, thank God. ::knocks on wood::

Happy New Year!

Monday, December 29, 2008

Random TV Quote...

Courtesy of tonights re-ran episode of The Big Bang Theory:

"Everyone has a date. Even you, Mario, going after Princess Peach.
What am I doing? I'm just enabling you."

-Sheldon, while "playing Mario 64 on a poorly coded Nintendo 64 emulator," in the stairwell

How bloody brilliant is that quote?! The "enabling you" part just made me crack up when I heard it. Sheldon is so cute! =)

This is such an awesome show, too! I always forget to watch it, though, but everytime I remember to watch it, or whenever I randomly stumble accross it, it always makes me laugh! I have to remember to catch a few more episodes online sometime, especially since I've only seen a handfull of episodes... That or get a TiVo...

Anyway... yeah. Random quote.

"Oh, Mario, if only I could control everyone the way I control you.... Hop, you little plummer, hop, hop, hop!"
-Sheldon, once again in the stairwell

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

~*~*~Merry Christmas*~*~*

May you have a glorious and joyous Christmas! Spread the love, the happiness, and the good cheer on this splendid day. I sincerely hope that you spend the day surrounded by the warmth of you friends, family and loved ones.

Have a great time celebrating! Though, don't forget to take time out from all the present giving and opening, from holiday feasts, candy canes and tamales, to remember the real meaning and significance of this day.

Wishing you Peace on Earth & Good Will Towards Man,
Ms. Me =)

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Green Blog #1: Helping Billions, One Water Bottle At A Time...

Welcome to the first installment of Green Blog! Thanks for stopping by! =)

Like I said during my last posted entry on December the 18th, I am going to begin randomly recycling and reusing some of my old ramblings, otherwise known as writings, that were based, in part, on television viewing, as a way to continue this blog during times when I cannot sit and write out full- blown, new blog entries. Hope you don't mind =)

In keeping with the Green spirit for the first installment of Green Blog, I decided to chose this particular entry that I wrote way back when on March the 10th of this year on MyBlogSpace over at MySpace.

I really like the message in this *entry, so I really hope that you can take away something from it aswell.

Enjoy! =)

*Edited/ Revised for grammar, punctuation... and basic overall fluidity and addition of information where author deems needed and/or necessary, for added spark (Please be advised that future Green Blog's will also be edited in this manner).


Hello Everyone! ::waves:::

So, I randomly came across this video not to long ago when I clicked on a banner over at a David Tennant website, and after watching it and persuing the site that the banner linked to, I realized that I wanted to share it with you all. It took me quite a while to share it with you, only because I had to figure out how to embed a non-downloadable, online streaming video file, off of another persons/ organizations website onto this blog... but I'm clever... and so I figured it out. =) The things I do to share valuable information! Ain't I awesome!?

Anyway, if you so wish, please watch below:

Pretty cool and ingenious, wouldn't you say. I certainly think so, and I honestly think that this is a brilliant idea and a great cause. It makes me wonder why we, as in we the people of these United States, don't take up a simillar project or initiative such as this. Or why we don't have One Water, or another such easily marketable product available for purchase here in the United Sates in order to help out those in need, just like our United Kingdom brethren do...

Anyways, makes you think. At least I hope it did. It made me think. Let me know your thoughts if you feel up to it. Hope you enjoyed the video, at the very least.


Well, there ya go! The first installment of Green Blog! Yay! Hope you enjoyed it!

If you get the chance check out the One Water website here: One Love, One Difference
Or if you'd like, play a Play Pump game: here

Night Night Folks!

PS: If you're wondering how this is related to television... well, it's quite simple really: No.1-- it's an advert (though I don't know if it was ever shown on television... ) and No.2-- David Tennant. He's the Doctor on Doctor Who, and Doctor Who is on TV. So there ya go, you just got to go with the flow!

EDIT NOTE: After I posted this entry, I realized that my previous efforts to embed the advert had long since been for naught, since the video would no longer load... don't know if this problem is just the result of having old flash softwear installed on my computer (which probably is the case) or something else, but in the spirit of not taking chances, I took it off and started looking through YouTube, and low and behold it is now currently available there! Oh, well, like I've said: Good ol' YouTube. Anyway, the video is now currently viewable here. =)

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Green is universal...

I'm all for saving this beautiful planet we live on. I love Earth! Seriously I do. It's the best rotating rock in the universe as far as I'm concerned. So, in honor of being eco-friendly, I am proud to announce that this here blog, is from this day forward, going GREEN!!


(...hold for applause...)

Right about now, you are probably asking yourself, "How the [expletive] does a free, internet provided, blog go green?"

Well, in all honesty, it doesn't. There's no way it actually can really, at least not that I know of. It can't fix the ozone layer, it can't reduce air pollution, it can't grow organically, it's not low-flow or even energy efficient. Sorry, but it's true... and this is a television blog, so I can't really advocate those things on a regular basis (but, consider yourself advocated as of... Now! You live on Earth, too, so I expect you to keep it pretty and healthy, you hear me!?). But, one thing this blog can do, is Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. Oh, yes it can!

Well... it can't really reduce, really. Because with each entry I post, I add more clutter to the internet.. but, still, go with me on this.

What with my busy schedule and all, I haven't really gotten very many opportunities to sit down and write. Sure, I have some free time after or before work, but I'd rather spend that time relaxing and kicking back instead of coming up with new ideas for blog entries and then sitting down to write them up. So, because I still do not want to give in and end this blog because of lack on public interest, I'm going to start posting things about television that I have written in the past that are on my computer, or things that I have posted as bulletins on MySpace. See, I'm reusing and recycling! Ain't I clever? =)

Not quite sure which the first one will be, I'll have to peruse some files, but you'll see it soon enough. But yes, this blog is going green, because, as we television viewers know, Green is Universal! I love that saying, ever since it started making the rounds last year! If this blog had a little peacock on the bottom left hand corner, or a little picture of a ringed planet on it's side, a letter "T" with a planet inside it, or some random combination of letters, you sure can bet it will be colored in a bright green hue. Hehe.

(FYI: Peacock= NBC; Ringed Planet= SciFi; "T"= Telemundo; Letters= USA, etc.)

Incase you don't know, NBC Universal coined that phrase last year when they were promoting going and being green. During that month (or was it week?), NBC Universal was encouraging their networks programming to air episodes that promoted the environment or advocated some kind of going green measure. They did this again a few months ago. I don't really watch that much NBC/U programing, but I only remember one show that had an environment centered story (that would be Stargate: Atlantis's episode Brain Storm... and yes, I would notice that one, being as how SGA is one of my favorite shows, and quiet possibly the only NBC/U show that I watch on a regular basis... but, oh, well...) and I remember hearing about another one that did so as well (that would be Eureka). I don't remember Heroes doing anything... hmm...

...Anyway, yeah, blog is going green! =)

Image © NBC Universal... probably

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


.... At least, I think it was Paul.....

I was "watching" Private Practice in miniature cut down sections today, I say "miniature cut down sections" because I was coming and going in and out of my bedroom at the time it was on... and, let's face it, I was pretty much just ignoring the show, since I haven't seen it in weeks and have lost the basic track of it (I have no real idea what the episode was actually about... Cooper and Charlotte had a pregnancy scare, Violet is dating some guy and then kissing Pete [Where the hell did that come from!?! Pete and Addison, people!], and was that pregnant girl Dell's girlfriend??.. see, I'm so lost! ), but anywho, I got a few glimpse of this new guy (Who I think works downstairs from the practice, again, since when is there something medical down there!?!), I remember seeing this guy in the commercials for this episode too, I think his characters name on Private Practice was Lockheart... (I remembered because that was Abby's name on ER, LOL)

Anyways, I swear I have seen him before!

I think he's Paul.

Paul's not his (the actors) real name, though least I don't think it is... Paul was the name of the character (I think) he played in a brilliant, but now canceled television series called The Inside. He was awesome in it... and cute! =) I really want to say this was him, but I can't quite remember what he looks like, exactly. I didn't see the opening credits to the show either, in order to see the actors name, cuz that would have helped... I think his name starts with an "H"... I should check IMDB...

...The Inside rocked! Why is this show not out on DVD yet, I ask you? It was such a great show, brilliant crime drama! Gory, yes, but still good; cancelled way to prematurely... Stupid Fox Television Network... that network has no patience what so ever, and no brains or guts either when it comes to new shows (But that, like other things I've mentioned in passing on this blog, is a rant for another time...).

You know what is creepy/weird... I was JUST randomly thinking about this show yesterday as I updated the TV section of another profile I got floating out there in this inter-web thingy... so, weird! It was weird yesterday while I added The Inside to my favorite shows on that profile too, because I could remember the characters' name! Paul, obviously being one of them... and that evil creepy guy Webb... ::shivers:: He was trouble, I'm sure of it. He used to freak me out like no other. He was secretly evil, I just know it, to bad we'll never know for sure. And Paul and Rebecca where cute, even if Paul was married... See! I told ya I remembered their names! LOL!

Anyway, yeah. I think it was Paul! And he was going grey, too. =(

LOL!! =) Ignore me! Just typing out loud! LOL!

Checked IMDB.. JAY HARRINGTON!! Told you his name started with an "H"! I was thinking Higginson...LoL. But yep, it was him! I guess I'm just good with faces! =) Names, not so much! =)

I stand by my past remarks that The Simpsons only gets better and funnier with time the more times you watch it. Since I have been watching The Simpsons since I was 3 or 4 years old, now, when I watch old reruns, I find new, never before understood, jokes everywhere! It's brilliant, cuz it's like I'm watching a new show every time! Right now, The Simpsons episode about "The Flaming Moe" is on. Homer wants to sue Moe for stealing his drink recipe and passing it off as his own, so he goes to the lawyer, Mr. Hunts (is that his name???). Mr. Hunts tells Homer he can't copyright a drink, as told by the case of one Frank Wallbanger. Hahaha! Too funny! If you don't get it, drop me a comment and I'll let you know... or you can see the tag section here for a clue (yes, this is a ploy to get more comments! Which I know wont happen, but I'm totally cool with).

Night Night!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Advent... as in adventure!

It's the 25 days of Christmas over at the Beeb!

The BBC has once again commenced their now traditional count down to this years Doctor Who Christmas Special. Just like last year (don't know if they did it the years before that... I'm still quite new to the Who...), the official Doctor Who website over at the BBC has set up its own interactive Advent(ure) calendar.

The Doctor Who Advent Calendar follows the same basic idea of those candy advent calendars that you can buy at almost any shop during the Christmas/Holiday season. In essence, an advent calendar is just a big, thin candy/chocolate gift box with a slightly amusing, slightly creative twist.

The idea behind these things is that you open up each little candy/chocolate compartment (usually shaped in the likeness of little windows shutters that belong to the holiday house drawn on the face of the box) to reveal the tasty hidden candy/chocolate treat within.

These things rely heavily on the honor system, seeing as how you are supposed to only open up one compartment window a day, respectively, throughout the month of December, until you get to the 25th "window" on Christmas Day. Which, let's face it, if you've ever had one of these calendars in your possession, you never follow through with it's one and only specific rule. Sure, you may start out trying to hold yourself to only opening one "window" a day... but sometime between the first couple of days and and the second week, you start to realize that the open dates on the advent calendar don't exactly match up with actual days on your wall calendar... or that you've gotten to the 25th while it is barely even the 5th of December... oh well, sometimes candy/chocolate is just to temptingly irresistible.

But back to The Doctor...

The Doctor Who calendar takes away the cheating aspect of this little candy eating tradition... and the candy... well, physical candy anyways, there is always potential for lots and lots of eye candy ::wink wink:: Hehe... But, like I said, there is no need for an honor system with this here virtual advent calendar... this is because you can only open (click) one new window (icon) a day.

The treats are pretty cool enough, though. So far this year there has been (1) a Christmas greeting, (2) a behind the scenes interview/video, and (3) a text interview with a director. From what I remember from last year there were videos and pictures and games and stuff... you know, virtual treats. LOL. The different thing this year, is that only people with a British internet connection can watch the video treats... but, of course, that is what YouTube is for!

Ah, YouTube, is there anything it can't do? LOL. (<-- Random, slightly misquoted, Simpsons reference...)

But anywho... I'm bored... so if you are too (and, I assume, you'd have to be really bored to do this)... you can check out the Who Advent Calendar here at the Doctor Who website

"Twenty five timeless treats to take you though to Christmas Day - and the highly-anticipated special adventure The Next Doctor."

Night Night, folks!