Thursday, December 4, 2008

Advent... as in adventure!

It's the 25 days of Christmas over at the Beeb!

The BBC has once again commenced their now traditional count down to this years Doctor Who Christmas Special. Just like last year (don't know if they did it the years before that... I'm still quite new to the Who...), the official Doctor Who website over at the BBC has set up its own interactive Advent(ure) calendar.

The Doctor Who Advent Calendar follows the same basic idea of those candy advent calendars that you can buy at almost any shop during the Christmas/Holiday season. In essence, an advent calendar is just a big, thin candy/chocolate gift box with a slightly amusing, slightly creative twist.

The idea behind these things is that you open up each little candy/chocolate compartment (usually shaped in the likeness of little windows shutters that belong to the holiday house drawn on the face of the box) to reveal the tasty hidden candy/chocolate treat within.

These things rely heavily on the honor system, seeing as how you are supposed to only open up one compartment window a day, respectively, throughout the month of December, until you get to the 25th "window" on Christmas Day. Which, let's face it, if you've ever had one of these calendars in your possession, you never follow through with it's one and only specific rule. Sure, you may start out trying to hold yourself to only opening one "window" a day... but sometime between the first couple of days and and the second week, you start to realize that the open dates on the advent calendar don't exactly match up with actual days on your wall calendar... or that you've gotten to the 25th while it is barely even the 5th of December... oh well, sometimes candy/chocolate is just to temptingly irresistible.

But back to The Doctor...

The Doctor Who calendar takes away the cheating aspect of this little candy eating tradition... and the candy... well, physical candy anyways, there is always potential for lots and lots of eye candy ::wink wink:: Hehe... But, like I said, there is no need for an honor system with this here virtual advent calendar... this is because you can only open (click) one new window (icon) a day.

The treats are pretty cool enough, though. So far this year there has been (1) a Christmas greeting, (2) a behind the scenes interview/video, and (3) a text interview with a director. From what I remember from last year there were videos and pictures and games and stuff... you know, virtual treats. LOL. The different thing this year, is that only people with a British internet connection can watch the video treats... but, of course, that is what YouTube is for!

Ah, YouTube, is there anything it can't do? LOL. (<-- Random, slightly misquoted, Simpsons reference...)

But anywho... I'm bored... so if you are too (and, I assume, you'd have to be really bored to do this)... you can check out the Who Advent Calendar here at the Doctor Who website

"Twenty five timeless treats to take you though to Christmas Day - and the highly-anticipated special adventure The Next Doctor."

Night Night, folks!

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