Thursday, November 27, 2008

Sci-Fi Smonday

So, since I don't have to go into work anywhere remotely early on Monday mornings, I tend to stay up a bit late and relax (and by relax, I mean stress out about how my lesson plans for that upcoming Monday's sessions aren't exactly completely and thoroughly thought out yet.. but still close enough for me to have put it on the back burner of my mind), by watching a little bit of late night television. Anyway, just recently, I have begun geeking out and watching Science Fiction television during the hours of the day that transform Sunday night into early Monday morning (and by watching I mean tuning in and out, hehe).

Now, when I say Science Fiction television, I don't exactly mean that I am watching the Sci-Fi network. Not that I have anything against it (which I do on some levels, but, that's a blog for another time...), but because I don't have cable TV or a satellite dish. I have a regular TV set attached to a pair of rabbit ear antennas and a digital converter box. Heck, I don't even own a DVR device! Yeah, I know... I'm still living in the 19-- whatevers.

Anyways, back to the point.

A local area broadcaster has recently started to once again air the syndicated episodes of both Stargate Atlantis and Stargate: SG1. I don't even know why or when they stopped these re-airings in the first place. A few years ago I remember that both of these shows had a stint on my local FOX station, and then, for some reason or another, they got moved to MyNetworkTV, which at the time, was still UPN. The switch would have made sense had it been changed from FOX to MyNetworkTV, because here, in Los Angeles, these two stations are sister stations. But, maybe, at the time of these airings it wasn't the independently owned UPN anymore, seeing as how FOX had bought out a bit of its programing... anywho, off track again...

Like I was saying, now Stargate Atlantis and Stargate: SG1, air back to back on a local station here. So, being a fan of these shows, I tend to watch 'em, even though I've seen the episodes before (back when I had cable...), but like I said, I tune in and out. After Stargate: SG1 ends, I switch over to one of the three PBS stations that we get here in Los Angeles, to watch Doctor Who.

I really enjoy watching these Doctor Who airings! Mostly because they are broadcasting *Series One, which stared Christopher Eccleston as the Ninth Doctor. Now, like I've said before, Nine is not my all time favorite Doc (that would have to be Ten), but I've come to realize that I never gave Nine much of a chance. Even though Nine was the first Doctor that I ever saw. He really deserves a lot more credit since he was so brilliant, and I kinda wish he had stayed on longer than just though Series One.

So, yeah, like I said, I'm having a good time re-watching (and in some cases, watching for the first time) these Series One episodes. And not just because of Nine, but because the first time I ever saw these episodes, I saw them on their first American broadcast on the Sci-Fi Network, which I have now come to realize they had edited for content (something I still don't quite understand, but oh, well). Now I think I just finished watching the final American Public Broadcast rotation in my area... which sucks, because I should have recorded more than just the 3 episodes that I did. I say this because I was looking through the Best Buy catalogue that I got in the mail the other day, and the Series Four box set sells for a whopping $70.00! American! For 13 episodes! Wow, what's up with that!? Is it because it's imported????

Anyway, about the PBS run, it's funny, because when I first realized that this particular PBS station was airing Doctor Who, it was the one PBS station that came in extremely grainy. I'm talking, watching a show underneath digital snow grainy! But now that I have my DTV Box, it super clear! (If you don't have one of these boxes yet, I strongly recommend that you get your hands on that government coupon and get one for yourself []! This DTV thing is going to be huge!)

So yes, Sci-Fi Smonday is pretty cool.

("Sci-Fi Smonday", is my so not creative play on how the Sci-Fi Network themes it's nights, into "Sci-Fi Monday," "Sci-Fi Friday," etc. So, since I was talking about TV that takes place on the bridge between Sunday night and Monday morning, I came up with "Sci-Fi Smonday." Yeah, told you it wasn't creative.)

Good Night, and have a pleasant tomorrow!

* Series is basically the British equivalent to the American Season, just so you know.

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