Sunday, December 21, 2008

Green Blog #1: Helping Billions, One Water Bottle At A Time...

Welcome to the first installment of Green Blog! Thanks for stopping by! =)

Like I said during my last posted entry on December the 18th, I am going to begin randomly recycling and reusing some of my old ramblings, otherwise known as writings, that were based, in part, on television viewing, as a way to continue this blog during times when I cannot sit and write out full- blown, new blog entries. Hope you don't mind =)

In keeping with the Green spirit for the first installment of Green Blog, I decided to chose this particular entry that I wrote way back when on March the 10th of this year on MyBlogSpace over at MySpace.

I really like the message in this *entry, so I really hope that you can take away something from it aswell.

Enjoy! =)

*Edited/ Revised for grammar, punctuation... and basic overall fluidity and addition of information where author deems needed and/or necessary, for added spark (Please be advised that future Green Blog's will also be edited in this manner).


Hello Everyone! ::waves:::

So, I randomly came across this video not to long ago when I clicked on a banner over at a David Tennant website, and after watching it and persuing the site that the banner linked to, I realized that I wanted to share it with you all. It took me quite a while to share it with you, only because I had to figure out how to embed a non-downloadable, online streaming video file, off of another persons/ organizations website onto this blog... but I'm clever... and so I figured it out. =) The things I do to share valuable information! Ain't I awesome!?

Anyway, if you so wish, please watch below:

Pretty cool and ingenious, wouldn't you say. I certainly think so, and I honestly think that this is a brilliant idea and a great cause. It makes me wonder why we, as in we the people of these United States, don't take up a simillar project or initiative such as this. Or why we don't have One Water, or another such easily marketable product available for purchase here in the United Sates in order to help out those in need, just like our United Kingdom brethren do...

Anyways, makes you think. At least I hope it did. It made me think. Let me know your thoughts if you feel up to it. Hope you enjoyed the video, at the very least.


Well, there ya go! The first installment of Green Blog! Yay! Hope you enjoyed it!

If you get the chance check out the One Water website here: One Love, One Difference
Or if you'd like, play a Play Pump game: here

Night Night Folks!

PS: If you're wondering how this is related to television... well, it's quite simple really: No.1-- it's an advert (though I don't know if it was ever shown on television... ) and No.2-- David Tennant. He's the Doctor on Doctor Who, and Doctor Who is on TV. So there ya go, you just got to go with the flow!

EDIT NOTE: After I posted this entry, I realized that my previous efforts to embed the advert had long since been for naught, since the video would no longer load... don't know if this problem is just the result of having old flash softwear installed on my computer (which probably is the case) or something else, but in the spirit of not taking chances, I took it off and started looking through YouTube, and low and behold it is now currently available there! Oh, well, like I've said: Good ol' YouTube. Anyway, the video is now currently viewable here. =)

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