Thursday, December 18, 2008

Green is universal...

I'm all for saving this beautiful planet we live on. I love Earth! Seriously I do. It's the best rotating rock in the universe as far as I'm concerned. So, in honor of being eco-friendly, I am proud to announce that this here blog, is from this day forward, going GREEN!!


(...hold for applause...)

Right about now, you are probably asking yourself, "How the [expletive] does a free, internet provided, blog go green?"

Well, in all honesty, it doesn't. There's no way it actually can really, at least not that I know of. It can't fix the ozone layer, it can't reduce air pollution, it can't grow organically, it's not low-flow or even energy efficient. Sorry, but it's true... and this is a television blog, so I can't really advocate those things on a regular basis (but, consider yourself advocated as of... Now! You live on Earth, too, so I expect you to keep it pretty and healthy, you hear me!?). But, one thing this blog can do, is Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. Oh, yes it can!

Well... it can't really reduce, really. Because with each entry I post, I add more clutter to the internet.. but, still, go with me on this.

What with my busy schedule and all, I haven't really gotten very many opportunities to sit down and write. Sure, I have some free time after or before work, but I'd rather spend that time relaxing and kicking back instead of coming up with new ideas for blog entries and then sitting down to write them up. So, because I still do not want to give in and end this blog because of lack on public interest, I'm going to start posting things about television that I have written in the past that are on my computer, or things that I have posted as bulletins on MySpace. See, I'm reusing and recycling! Ain't I clever? =)

Not quite sure which the first one will be, I'll have to peruse some files, but you'll see it soon enough. But yes, this blog is going green, because, as we television viewers know, Green is Universal! I love that saying, ever since it started making the rounds last year! If this blog had a little peacock on the bottom left hand corner, or a little picture of a ringed planet on it's side, a letter "T" with a planet inside it, or some random combination of letters, you sure can bet it will be colored in a bright green hue. Hehe.

(FYI: Peacock= NBC; Ringed Planet= SciFi; "T"= Telemundo; Letters= USA, etc.)

Incase you don't know, NBC Universal coined that phrase last year when they were promoting going and being green. During that month (or was it week?), NBC Universal was encouraging their networks programming to air episodes that promoted the environment or advocated some kind of going green measure. They did this again a few months ago. I don't really watch that much NBC/U programing, but I only remember one show that had an environment centered story (that would be Stargate: Atlantis's episode Brain Storm... and yes, I would notice that one, being as how SGA is one of my favorite shows, and quiet possibly the only NBC/U show that I watch on a regular basis... but, oh, well...) and I remember hearing about another one that did so as well (that would be Eureka). I don't remember Heroes doing anything... hmm...

...Anyway, yeah, blog is going green! =)

Image © NBC Universal... probably

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