Wednesday, December 10, 2008


.... At least, I think it was Paul.....

I was "watching" Private Practice in miniature cut down sections today, I say "miniature cut down sections" because I was coming and going in and out of my bedroom at the time it was on... and, let's face it, I was pretty much just ignoring the show, since I haven't seen it in weeks and have lost the basic track of it (I have no real idea what the episode was actually about... Cooper and Charlotte had a pregnancy scare, Violet is dating some guy and then kissing Pete [Where the hell did that come from!?! Pete and Addison, people!], and was that pregnant girl Dell's girlfriend??.. see, I'm so lost! ), but anywho, I got a few glimpse of this new guy (Who I think works downstairs from the practice, again, since when is there something medical down there!?!), I remember seeing this guy in the commercials for this episode too, I think his characters name on Private Practice was Lockheart... (I remembered because that was Abby's name on ER, LOL)

Anyways, I swear I have seen him before!

I think he's Paul.

Paul's not his (the actors) real name, though least I don't think it is... Paul was the name of the character (I think) he played in a brilliant, but now canceled television series called The Inside. He was awesome in it... and cute! =) I really want to say this was him, but I can't quite remember what he looks like, exactly. I didn't see the opening credits to the show either, in order to see the actors name, cuz that would have helped... I think his name starts with an "H"... I should check IMDB...

...The Inside rocked! Why is this show not out on DVD yet, I ask you? It was such a great show, brilliant crime drama! Gory, yes, but still good; cancelled way to prematurely... Stupid Fox Television Network... that network has no patience what so ever, and no brains or guts either when it comes to new shows (But that, like other things I've mentioned in passing on this blog, is a rant for another time...).

You know what is creepy/weird... I was JUST randomly thinking about this show yesterday as I updated the TV section of another profile I got floating out there in this inter-web thingy... so, weird! It was weird yesterday while I added The Inside to my favorite shows on that profile too, because I could remember the characters' name! Paul, obviously being one of them... and that evil creepy guy Webb... ::shivers:: He was trouble, I'm sure of it. He used to freak me out like no other. He was secretly evil, I just know it, to bad we'll never know for sure. And Paul and Rebecca where cute, even if Paul was married... See! I told ya I remembered their names! LOL!

Anyway, yeah. I think it was Paul! And he was going grey, too. =(

LOL!! =) Ignore me! Just typing out loud! LOL!

Checked IMDB.. JAY HARRINGTON!! Told you his name started with an "H"! I was thinking Higginson...LoL. But yep, it was him! I guess I'm just good with faces! =) Names, not so much! =)

I stand by my past remarks that The Simpsons only gets better and funnier with time the more times you watch it. Since I have been watching The Simpsons since I was 3 or 4 years old, now, when I watch old reruns, I find new, never before understood, jokes everywhere! It's brilliant, cuz it's like I'm watching a new show every time! Right now, The Simpsons episode about "The Flaming Moe" is on. Homer wants to sue Moe for stealing his drink recipe and passing it off as his own, so he goes to the lawyer, Mr. Hunts (is that his name???). Mr. Hunts tells Homer he can't copyright a drink, as told by the case of one Frank Wallbanger. Hahaha! Too funny! If you don't get it, drop me a comment and I'll let you know... or you can see the tag section here for a clue (yes, this is a ploy to get more comments! Which I know wont happen, but I'm totally cool with).

Night Night!

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