Friday, January 2, 2009

Green Blog #2: Screw Eleven, I want Ten! Four more years!

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How are you all fine folks this evening? Hope all is well and that 2009 has been treating you well these first two days of its existence. Since you've stumbled across this blog today, I'd like to inform you that this little entry is the second edition of TV as I See It's Green Blog series. Only this one might be a little bit different than what I had initially anticipated for Green Blog, since I'm going to edit it this one quite a bit. I'm not quite sure of the date I wrote this... it was supposed to be posted here a while ago, but I just never got around to posting it, but since some of it is written already, it is going to be a Green Blog.


Screw Eleven, I want Ten! Four more years! Four more years! ... or at the very least, how about just one more series? It's only thirteen episodes, it's not like it's that much. Oh, why Mr. Tennant, why? Damn you, David Tennant... if you weren't so damn hot I'd hate you! LOL, jk =)

So, apparently its official. David Tennant, star of the revived British television hit, is leaving Doctor Who at the end of it's 2009 Special Series.


David Tennant has been playing the role of The Doctor for three years now on Doctor Who, first appearing for just a couple of seconds for the regeneration scene during the Series One finale, The Parting of the Ways, and only just as recently as this Christmas Day, during the 2008 Christmas Special, The Next Doctor.

That title. The Next Doctor. How many internet savvy brains has that little title rattled for the last couple of months... But I think I'm getting ahead of myself here...

The whole fretting idea of Tennant leaving, I think, began during the Series Four pre-finale episode, The Stolen Earth, when it ended in a massive cliffhanger that had The Doctor in the middle of a regeneration after being shot by a Dalek. Luckily, The Doctor didn't fully regenerate the following week in Journey's End, but I think that that little scene got people talking about just who exactly the next Doctor after Tennant would be.

Of course, when the title for the Christmas Special, The Next Doctor, was released a few months there after, speculation started to grow again, as to if this was a signal that Tennant was on the out. Rumors were around that yes, and still others, that no (As I have watched The Next Doctor, I can tell you that, at least at that point in time, no. Tennant was still there at the end of the episode). But, with the 2009 Series scaled down to just a handful of Specials, some believed that Tennant was most probably staying after all. Seeing as how he was currently on stage for the Royal Shakespeare Company, some saw the scale down as a way to let Tennant pursue the continuation of his stage career, and still allow him the opportunity to do Doctor Who all at the same time. Seems like a fair assumption.

But then low and behold this happened:

It was inevitable, I mean just by the pure nature of the show, you know its bound to happen sooner or later, but it's still sad to hear it being confirmed. He was just brilliant as The Doctor.

It's going to be hard seeing another man in the role, and yet, as much as I don't want to see Tennant hang up his trainers and long brown coat, there is still that little part of me that wants to know just what is going to cause Ten to regenerate into Eleven... Hmmm.... But then I remember Ten and I get sad again. LOL...

Wow, new Doctor, new companion.. that's going to be interesting! =) Anyways, screw Eleven, I want Ten... just as much as I wanted Nine when I was cursing the arrival of Ten oh not so long ago, LOL! That just goes to show you, though, doesn't it? Whoever the BBC decides to cast as The Doctor, I'm pretty sure that they know what they're doing, and I trust that they are going to make the right call.

I just wonder why Tennant did it at the National Television Awards???? Personally, I would of just liked to have been surprised by it happening on the Tele at the end of the 2009 specials. I don't know, I just would have liked to have that "What the hell! Where'd that come from!?" moment while the episode ended in a cliffhanger... even though I hate cliffhangers... hehe, I'm a complicated girl that way, LOL... Oh well.

Power be to David Tennant for his decision, and power be to him in his next endeavors!


There ya go. David Tennant is leaving Doctor Who =)

Actually... you know what? This Green Blog is probably going to lead into another Doctor Who, non- Green Blog post in a moment or to...hehe! =)

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